Eugene Jarvis, creator of "Defender", "Robotron", etc., visits VIDEOTOPIA. (Note the cool VIDEOTOPIA hat!)

Advisory Panel member Jarvis greets a fan from the other side of the continent.

Eugene & "Cruisin' World" programmer Scott Posch jam on "Defender" & "Stargate".

Eugene just before he hit the game because "it cheated"

"Videotopia was incredible, man. I was there for... what was it, 7 hours? I feel like I could be there another 2 or 3 hours and still not have seen it all."

- Eugene Jarvis

With so many games on display, it's nice to relax to "Crystal Castles" sometimes.

See the evolution of 3-D games in the 3-D Games area.

4 players take to the roads in the landmark "Virtua Racing".
The rare "Live" monitor displays different views of the ongoing race for spectators.


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